Monday, September 17, 2012

My DMV Dilema

It’s that time again, time to renew my driver’s license and two very very important questions come to mind. First, What am I going to wear? The wrong outfit could be immortalized for the next ten years.  Way worse than frizzy hair or a kinder garden smile. The perfect outfit for your driver’s license has to say “Why, yes I am photogenic without any effort.”  

Second most important question: Do I put my actual weight or do I put my ideal weight. Yeah that is that whole penalty of perjury but really when you ask a woman her wait do you really expect an honest answer? It’s like a rule of the universe that when you ask a woman her weight you will never ever get the actual number.  She will say the number that is comfortable for her which is true to her. Sure I am no longer that 120lb Barbie doll that I used to be. But do I actually want to share my current weight? Hell no. That number is between my personal trainer and I. 

As the days get closer to Peru and the work outs to prepare get a little more intense I get a little more nervous and excited. Three days of hiking up to Macchu Picchu, some amazing tours and let me just say, I cannot wait to get my hands on some Peruvian liquor and yarn.  One whole suit case will be devoted to these items.  

Almost time for my Slow Food Barbecue, it is going to be a really great day.  Likewise I am excited about my centerpieces making their debut.  And with thanks to my wonderful neighbor, Anita, only 4 more to go! Only a privileged few know what they are. Tickets are still available so be sure to get them!

And today’s Book Recommendation:

Borgia Bride 

I am enjoying the historical fiction that is coming out about Borgia family. Many strong women and some very dirty cardinals, if I do say so myself. Plus, what’s not to love about books set in Italy??

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