Thursday, December 23, 2010

Opportunity in Everything

I’m currently on the hunt for a new job. It is certainly true what they say, looking for a job is a full time job in and of itself. I have a daily job hunting routine that involves combing through about 3 different job posting sites and working with 4 job recruiters.

The positive side of being unemployed is that I have the time to explore other opportunities that I otherwise would not have been able to do in my employed state. For starters I have submitted an application with the Legal Aid Society of Orange County. Up until this time I had a full schedule with work and school. Now that I have this “impromptu vacation” it’s time to make a positive difference in my community.

Legal Aid isn’t my only avenue for giving back to my community. I am on the 2011 board for the Orange County Paralegal Association. I am very excited to get started working. There are some great events in the works.

Another project that I have taken on is president of the Coastline Community College’s Paralegal Club. I decided to take it on in a temporary capacity, for just one semester until a more permanent president can be found. Famous last words, I know, but I think the club can be a really good influence to my fellow students. I’d like to see it succeed. My goal is to find a new president by March. March is going to be a busy month for me. Already, every weekend from the First weekend of March through to the second weekend in April, if I can get a new president in around that time it would be quite helpful.

One thing that I like about being a paralegal is that there is always opportunity to learn. Whether it is required through the MCLE or through my own personal desire to mature. I have signed up for Law Office Management which is offered through Coastline in the spring and will be preparing to take the CLA hopefully in June. The OCPA offers a review course that looks very beneficial.

Have a happy holiday!